A (Somewhat Partially) Dreary Opener

Hello everyone and no one.  This is a blog about my life and your life.  It tells stories of truth and pain.  It is and will be, in a word, distressing.  Or maybe it will be a comfort.  Either way, it will certainly provide a sprinkling of reality and a mirror.

But first, some thrilling biographical information about myself!  I am a bisexual white [edit: now mostly] atheist woman in her late 20s [edit: now early 30s] living in the East Village.  I reside in an apartment with my intelligent, funny, sympathetic, kind, gentle, deliciously dorky, and infinitely patient boyfriend/soultwin.  Recently, Mr. Soultwin and I welcomed two crazy little kittens [edit: now they are giant monster adult cats] into our lives that have given a simply joy and not so simple depth to our lives–they are Bailey and Stevie Wonder Kitty, III, Esq.  I went to a wonderful liberal arts college that provided me with an essentially useless degree [edit: it wasn’t useless, it just didn’t make me any money… damn, people are assholes in their 20s, right?], and then went onto graduate school so that I might gather some more useless degrees [yeah…], which led to a great deal of student loans I will likely never be able to repay in full [still true] and a decent job that I am intensely grateful for in this ugly economy [much more grateful now than before, since time has given me some perspective, and I got a promotion since then].  An injury has left me with serious chronic pain in the form of migraines, occipital neuralgia, and arthritis [since then, I learned I have rheumatoid arthritis, in fact, and fibromyalgia, WHAT A FUN LIFE!!!!]. And yet, as I said, I live with my soultwin and my guess is most people don’t even have the opportunity to meet theirs, let alone spend time cuddling late at night with them in a shared bed. So things ain’t so bad, y’all.

There, now we’re practically best pals.  You know all the things about me! [not really] From now on I will simply write whatever comes to mind…



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