Hey, dingus, it’s East Village iconography!

When I first moved into the city, I thought I might have to shoot myself in the face.  It’s loud, people are rude, it’s smelly… I always wanted to live alone in the mountains.  But soon I found myself starting to tolerate the city, then vaguely enjoying bits and pieces.  Now, while I don’t love all of the city, I certainly love the East Village and feel that it is home.  When I walk into its edges from another area I begin to feel my entire body unclench to an extent.

The East Village rocks for a great many reasons, one of which is the plethora of sights… bizarre sights.  Therefore, in honor of the East Village in all its eccentric visual splendor, I will periodically post images from the East Village I’ve taken personally.  The first?  A warm message left on a city garbage container.



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