How many Metrocards does it take to cover a bicycle?

Dear Readers:

My East Village picture today is of an object I found to be rather astonishing.  As my boyfriend and I were walking down 1st Avenue not long ago (around E 9th), we saw this bicycle adorned with Metrocards.  I do not know if this is a famous bike amongst Manhattanites or Brooklynites or some other near-NYC-ites but I know it’s the fucking tits.  Clearly this is a work of moving art.  But I want to know who this bike belongs to, and where they got all those cards.  Seriously, did someone just hang onto them for a few years?  Or–and this possibility frightens me a little–did they just pick up the cards you see cast away on the ground at various subway stations.  You know, the ones covered in filth comprised of what only New Yorkers can begin to conceive.  Maybe this bicycle owner got all their friends to hold onto old cards… well, let’s hope for door numbers 1 or 3.

I also wonder if this is some kind of a statement.  The person is riding a bicycle, not the subway, after all.  I hope it doesn’t mean shit, I hope someone just got bored and came up with the random idea to cover their bicycle in Metrocards.  Don’t you get tired of art having to mean something sometimes?  Don’t you just want it to look cool?

Well anyway, BEHOLD the mighty Metrocard bicycle.  If anyone should see this and have information about it, please do send me a message… I’m kind of dying to know more about it.



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