Channeling part deux

I couldn’t sleep and needed to channel a lot of energy.  Here is the result, a drawing for my father (with metallic Sharpies and a black Sharpie).  It’s called “The Tomita Planets”.  A wonderful musician named Isoa Tomita performed a number of classical pieces on the Moog, which (if you’ve never heard about it) is a bizarre early synthesizer.  One of the pieces he played on the Moog was Holst’s musical suite The Planets.  It’s my dad’s favorite rendition of the piece so I thought I’d create a weird, abstract visual version of it.  Obviously very abstract.  There are far more “planets” on the canvass than we have in our solar system.  😛


Be well, friends.


From the depths of my whatevers…

Somewhere in the midst of the depths of me yesterday, I became transfixed and had to art. This is what I arted:


Bad picture, sorry. It really is true, you know. I was in a crappy mood but… You can get something out of miserable times if you channel energy properly. I’ve been wanting to draw something like the above work (Kandinskyesque) for many years but just never got around to it.

After drawing, I was completely emotionally numb. I went to bed at 6:30am (that’s healthy right?). Now I pretty much feel normal. I guess I worked out whatever needed to be worked out! Thanks, art!

East Village Shops. II: Casey Rubber Stamps

Once upon a time I was walking up East 11th, accompanying my father to a parking garage, when I saw Casey Rubber Stamps.  I’ll never forget that moment.  What a weird store.  It is devoted exclusively to rubber stamps, and they make them all in the back of the shop.  The only other thing they sell are ink pads in a rather wide variety of colors and sizes.  It’s a very small space so you may need to wait to enter if there are more than 3 or 4 people in the store.  Teeny tiny.


Only in New York City, right?  Coolest store ever.  Since the owner makes custom items and resides in the East Village, there are some REALLY freaky stamps available.  Such as body parts, insects and other types of animals (there is an entire page in his catalog comprised exclusively of different fishes), forms of transportation, religious symbols, patterns, stylized letters… here’s a random page in the catalog (page 63):


Freakin’.  Awesome.  I strongly recommend checking out this store even if you can’t think of any reason to use a stamp ever in your lifetime.  It’s just a cool place to visit.  Plus, I like that when you begin to approach the shop, you can smell the rubber.

The owner is pretty open to answering questions but he’s scatterbrained so you have to wait until he’s not too busy and be patient.  Oh, and if you don’t live in the East Village, you can check out the majority of his catalog on his website:  But if you do…

Casey Rubber Stamps, 322 E. 11th St., between 1st and 2nd avenues.

How many Metrocards does it take to cover a bicycle?

Dear Readers:

My East Village picture today is of an object I found to be rather astonishing.  As my boyfriend and I were walking down 1st Avenue not long ago (around E 9th), we saw this bicycle adorned with Metrocards.  I do not know if this is a famous bike amongst Manhattanites or Brooklynites or some other near-NYC-ites but I know it’s the fucking tits.  Clearly this is a work of moving art.  But I want to know who this bike belongs to, and where they got all those cards.  Seriously, did someone just hang onto them for a few years?  Or–and this possibility frightens me a little–did they just pick up the cards you see cast away on the ground at various subway stations.  You know, the ones covered in filth comprised of what only New Yorkers can begin to conceive.  Maybe this bicycle owner got all their friends to hold onto old cards… well, let’s hope for door numbers 1 or 3.

I also wonder if this is some kind of a statement.  The person is riding a bicycle, not the subway, after all.  I hope it doesn’t mean shit, I hope someone just got bored and came up with the random idea to cover their bicycle in Metrocards.  Don’t you get tired of art having to mean something sometimes?  Don’t you just want it to look cool?

Well anyway, BEHOLD the mighty Metrocard bicycle.  If anyone should see this and have information about it, please do send me a message… I’m kind of dying to know more about it.