Can anyone draw a circle around the carcinogens?

On Wednesday, I went to Astor Place to take the 6 as usual, and saw a really bizarre collection of circles drawn on the ground around one of the station entrances.


It didn’t take a whole lot of effort to figure out that someone went around and drew circles around cigarette butts on the ground… sometimes they were around individual cigarettes.

ImageAnd other times the circle was drawn around a large collection of cigarettes.

ImageThat’s in front of the Mudtruck… the full circle is implied, of course.  We can’t expect our fearless chalker to move a truck.  Anyway, what could this be about?  An art project?  Or just a schizophrenic homeless person off his meds who found a piece of chalk and became convinced that if he used it to circle cigarette butts on the ground they wouldn’t come alive and try to dance the waltz on his face and subsequently burn him.  Or whatever horrible nightmares schizophrenic people’s brains conjure.  It fascinated the hell out of me, I’ll tell you that much.  I guess what intrigued me most was how everyone else around me just went about their business.  Nope, nothing weird happening here.

Just some regular, everyday East Village shenanigans.