Where in Middle Earth is William Puck, or, What is PUCKWORKS?

Some kind of phenomenon is happening.  Something–TRANSIT related.

I don’t know why (not that there needs to be a reason), but someone has decided to periodically tape Tolkien-related paraphernalia redressed as common MTA subway notifications in subways across our mighty land. 

Let’s take a Gandalf, I mean gander, at one, shall we? (insert horribly embarrassed chuckle and groan here).  When you’re walking up to this one, it looks like a business-as-usual shitty service change announcement…

ImageBut, you know, just before you really start to panic and wonder what fresh new hell the MTA is serving up on a crusty, petrified turd platter THIS weekend, when you really look at it, you kinda start to notice that Gollum is perched on the top left of the notice there.  And then you remember, hey, the MTA might hire people that look like Gollum but surely they wouldn’t recruit the real deal.  Seeing as we live in the unfortunate world where Gollum is a fictional character and all.  This line of (not)reasoning led me to take a closer look (sorry about the picture quality):


Everything about this is magic.  Right about now I should mention that one of the first books my father ever read to me was The Hobbit.  I searched for the website listed on the above notice (puckworks.blogspot.com) for “travel info, travel tools, widgets, app and more…” and discovered a blog featuring many similarly constructed bits of delicious nerditude.  The perpetrator’s name is listed as William Puck.  I have no idea who he is, I’ve never heard of him.  A bit of research led me to his profession (“artist”) and place of employment (“self”).  Okay, color me interested, pal.

The completely humorless MTA took the Underground Lake announcement down within one day, unfortunately, but I am going to keep my eyes peeled and document any new notices I find.  I hope he decides to hit the Astor Place station again!